Thursday, August 29, 2013

Laundry Room Wreath


For this project I got inspired from a pin I saw on Pinterest. 
Before this DIY, my laundry room had absolutely nothing in it (and i mean nothing, washer and dryer only). We live in an apartment and if you've rented you know how hanging things on the walls can be. Well we're not planning on moving for a while so I've decided to add a shelf and a few more pieces to it. As you will see in the bottom picture its very small, but this wreath really adds something to it. Enjoy....

For this DIY the materials you will need include:
     -Clothes Pins 100 pk
     -A wreath... I split mine into 2 (you'll see what I mean)
     -Wire Cutters
     - Glue gun
     -Cloth or fabric of some sort
     -Wooden Alphabetical letters (not unless you want to write LAUNDRY on the cloth material)
     -Paint if you choose to use the wooden letters
     -Paint Brush to paint the letters
     Optional: Tiny Clothes Pins 

These are the materials I had to purchase since I owned the rest.
Hint: Clothespins are $2 for a 100pk at Walmart 
and at the dollar store you get a 36pk for $1. (Walmart wins on this one)

If you've purchased a wire wreath from Hobby Lobby or Walmart you know that there are four layers. In order for the clothes pins to stay on without any glue I decided to get my wire cutters and make two wreaths out of one. Like this....

Once that was done (using some muscle) I could finally start my project and be on my way of making some laundry room decor. I started by putting on the clothes pins. To give it some style I alternated the positioning of the clothespins. To do this I pushed every other clothespin in the deepest it could go while the rest were just pinned on enough to go over the green wreath....this creates a up and down look on the wreath.

Next I painting the letters.. which was a fun part for me, but I did first so while the paint dried I could get my glue gun hot, my cloth cut and ribbon measured. I cut the cloth into triangular squares (but right before I cut, I assembled my letters to make sure they would fit in the cloth). I then glue gunned the letters to the cloth and all the pieces of cloth on a long strip of ribbon which I then glued to the wreath. After that was complete I glued small bows to each end and added the yellow daises for a touch of love. 

Lastly, I pinned on the tiny clothespins (which are so, so cute) between each letter.

This is currently how our laundry room looks, as you can see it needed something in there.
But a new tour of our Laundry Room will soon be underway, so make sure to check back.

Thanks for stopping by! Make this wreath for your home by adding your own colors and touches.
Until next time, and as always, Heart the Home you Live in. 

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